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"My fiancée had been in TERRIBLE
pain with his neck and back.  Maria
is making such a difference.  How do
you repay someone for helping you
eliminate pain?  You just can't!  And
he has had this problem for YEARS."

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paperback, or a
Kindle copy.
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Relieve  -  Restore  -  Rejuvenate!
If aging were the cause of chronic pain, then we'd all be suffering in the same way,
at the same time - but we're not! There's so much that you need to know that you
won't hear from the medical profession. Chronic pain isn't a disease, it's a
symptom with a variety of causes.

Chronic pain isn't a universal mystery either; there are proven solutions. You can
learn how to free yourself for good - and for less than a bottle of  pills!
Private Yoga and Guided Meditation
Lifestyle and Life Path Guidance
Post Rehabilitative Exercise
Maria Bott
Owner Practitioner